Virtualization and Networking

Today's computing power allows you to leverage your infrastructure and reduce the amount of physical systems you have. By hosting your servers on one physical server, you reduce complexity, costs and can more easily backup system images. Our team can help you (and your team) stand up a VMWare ESX infrastructure and reduce your physical footprint. Furthermore, we have extensive expertise in both Microsoft, Linux, BSD and other *nix platforms offering you various services such as:

  • File Servers
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Modern Backup Solutions
  • Storage
  • Various services / applications: FTP, WEB, SMTP, etc.
  • Lync / OCS / Jabber
  • Much more

Whether you have your own autonomous system running BGP / MPLS over a wide area network or a smaller network, our industry certified networking team has worked in it all. We follow proper tiered-model architectures such as recommended by major vendors. We provide you with proper network designs and documentation. Furthermore, we are progressing into virtual networking as your external routers / switches and even firewalls (apart from the closet switches) are eventually going to be part of one physical system and virtualized.


Our experts can provide you design models for secure wireless LANs or point-to-point communications via dedicated radios and spectrum or unlicensed spectrum.