Go-to-Market Consulting

Identify and mobilize the biggest opportunities to reinvent growth. Our Go-to-Market Consulting team takes a needs-based, data-driven approach, delivering specific and actionable recommendations that answer our clients’ objectives. 


Laser-focused on GTM for over 30 years

With a singular GTM focus and dedicated teams committed to your business, we know what it takes to deliver on ambitious goals. We have decades of experience building transformative strategies across all kinds of clients.


Data-directed approach

Steeped in experience and armed with marketing science, we are built to generate results. We lean on rigorous data analytics based on empirical evidence to develop insights that empower informed decision-making.


Throughline to activation

We’re a modern consulting team that focuses on output and impact. Practical and action-oriented, we work shoulder to shoulder with leaders to bring to life the strategies we build together.

Growth Strategy

Engagement Design

Sales Channel Effectiveness

Marketing Planning

Organization Optimization

Growth Strategy

Define growth and revenue priorities

To stay relevant and competitive as business needs change—through product and market launches, emerging competition, mergers and acquisitions, and restructurings—organizations must recreate, revisit or revise their growth strategy.

At Marketbridge, we source, analyze and leverage market and buyer data to evaluate opportunities and identify and prioritize pathways to drive profitable growth.

  • Identify where the next big in-market opportunity should come from—and quantify the investment and resources needed to capture it
  • Determine the right macro mix of sales and marketing channels to reach target buyers
  • Prioritize the most productive sales motions to build and convert pipeline the fastest 
  • Market Sizing/TAM Analysis
  • Business Case & Opportunity Modeling
  • Investment Prioritization
  • Customer/Partner Segmentation
  • Routes to Market
  • Revenue Motion Design

Engagement Design

Create better customer and seller experiences

Satisfying discerning demands while outmaneuvering motivated and aggressive competitors requires a customer-obsessed and research-backed experience strategy.

Our teams use big data (the what) and small data (the why) to develop research and insights that inform audience-first multi-channel sales and marketing efforts that delight customers and deliver on objectives.

  • Get research and insights directly from decision-makers to align strategies and motions to satisfy unmet needs
  • Optimize pricing to capture greater share and deliver on economic targets
  • Deliver differentiated value propositions, messaging and content that empowers marketers, sellers and partners—and converts targets
  • Voice of Customer
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Pricing Models
  • Messaging Architecture
  • Channel Preference
  • Customer Experience Strategy

Sales Channel Effectiveness

Activate routes to market

The pressure and urgency to get sales channels running at peak performance is the new constant, and growth leaders must continually refine and optimize their channel strategy.

Our teams conduct a thorough analysis to uncover prime opportunities that fuel sustained momentum. Then we assess and design channel strategies to effectively reach, engage and sell to the right buyers in the right ways.

  • Assemble the right mix and capacity of primary and overlay selling resources to acquire and penetrate target accounts
  • Structure and align compensation plans and quotas to support role design and drive desired behavior
  • Scale indirect partner channel programs and performance to extend market reach and coverage
  • Channel Mix, Coverage & Capacity
  • Sales Channel Structure, Roles & Sizing
  • Sales Operating Model & Process
  • Partner & Affinity Program Development
  • Key Account Strategy
  • Sales & Partner Enablement

Marketing Planning

Drive marketing performance

Marketers are navigating complex dynamics, including fragmented media, evolving technology, data overload and multiple cross-functional teams. Smart and strategic planning ensures long-term success.

From marketing initiatives to sales plays, our team of experts specialize in the orchestration of strategies that drive performance.

  • Plan integrated marketing and sales touchpoints across the buyer journey
  • Accelerate funnel conversion by optimizing acquisition and cross-sell strategies
  • Boost retention by identifying churn signals to inform effective onboarding and loyalty plays
  • Strategy & Objective Setting
  • Sales Play Alignment
  • Execution & Budget Planning
  • Targeting & Segmentation Strategy
  • Marketing Funnel Optimization
  • Measurement Approach

Organization Optimization

Align resources to support growth

A high-performing team delivers a clear competitive advantage. Arming individuals with clear structures, roles, targets and workflows drives clarity of mission and amplifies performance results.

Through Organization Optimization, we align the right people, processes, technology and data to support Marketing and Sales objectives and ensure teams perform to the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency. 

  • Set up the structure and systems that foster high-performing teams
  • Activate teams and processes to deliver high-quality results more efficiently
  • Secure budget and people needed for growth and transformation 
  • Marketing Operating Model
  • Organization, Team & Role Design
  • Sales Compensation, Quota
    & Territory Design
  • Workflow/Process Optimization
  • Reporting Capabilities & Framework

Platforms and technologies

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