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Marketbridge Technologies, Inc. has been providing expert IT guidance and skills to government and industry since 2000.

The team

A Note: Our team is built around experts, subject matter experts - only. Each team member below is highly knowledgeable, incredibly skilled and experienced in their respective fields. However, as experts, our team is also well rounded in many other I.T. disciplines, which is, in our opinion, especially important for proper, well documented IT solutions.

Martin Laflamme, Founder

Mr. Martin Laflamme has 20 years experience of very specialized IT skills in many areas. These areas include IT Security, Networking, Virtualization, Voice and Video communications, Application / Database Development and IT infrastructure. To know Mr. Martin Laflamme is to know he does not believe in complex solutions where they are not required. In his words: "Too often do I see expensive complex solutions implemented where complexity and cost is clearly unnecessary. The simplest solution that meets your requirements, but that can also scale appropriately, is always the best solution. When issues arise, it is much easier for support staff to troubleshoot and fix them. The more complex the solution, the more complex the operating systems, the more room there is for bugs, difficulty in troubleshooting and IT security gaps.".

Mr. J. Hodgson, CTO, New York City, U.S.A.

Mr. Hodgson has 20 years experience with extensive global exposure to highly regulated environments. Executive leadership in both software engineering and IT operations adhering to and responding to SEC, ESMA, OSC, FSA, and other regulatory agencies' requirements and inquiries.

Mr. J. Clink, Senior ESX / Windows Server Administrator

Mr. J. Clink has 20 years experience in I.T. He is our senior guru in ESX and Windows Server administration.

Mr. B. Bowering, Senior ESX / Senior Exchange Engineer, Administrator / Senior Storage Specialist

Mr. B. Bowering has 20 years experience in I.T. His knowledge and experience are unsurpassed in the area of implementation and administration of Microsoft Exchange and Storage solutions.

Mr. R. Freiha, Senior Firewall Engineer

Mr. Freiha is our senior firewall engineer / administrator. Mr. Freiha, our senior engineer for various firewall implementations, is highly experienced with Fortigate, Cisco ASAs, data loss prevention systems, proxy systems, anti-virus systems as well as various complex network architectures.

Mr. G. Magnan, Project Manager / Senior Server Administrator / Network Administrator

Mr. Magnan is an incredibly knowledgeable I.T. subject matter expert and is our Project Manager. He has a solid record of delivering complex, multi-million dollar IT projects on time and on budget for the Federal Government. He has also distinguished himself in many I.T. disciplines: Windows server administration, network, firewalls, voice / video and quality of service. We entrust Guillaume in managing our I.T. projects with our clients.

Mr. E. Gamblin, Infrastructure Management and Monitoring

Mr. Gamblin is our I.T. Infrastructure guru. Today, Mr. Gamblin ensures I.T. infrastructure projects are set up properly. This includes cabling, power, network monitoring and alerts. Mr. Gamblin has been in the field of I.T. for 45 years. His wide area of knowledge and expertise includes many facets of I.T. His current focus is ensuring that Infrastructure is setup neatly, properly and ensuring issues such as jitter/delay/loss/degradation/memory/CPU are detected and addressed in a timely fashion. When your Infrastructure is not perfect, Mr. Gamblin will not sleep.

Mr. D. Smith, SCCM and McAfee

Mr. Smith is our senior SCCM and McAfree Administrator.

Ms. D. Ramsey, iOS / Android Programmer

Ms. Ramsey is our senior iOS / Android programmer. Her incredible workmanship is reflected in her work. (She is a ridiculously fantastic coder and we'll finish her description here once we get her head up from her code.. she often speaks to us in an unknown language)

Mr. H. Raducanu, Graphic Artist

Mr. Raducanu is not only a graphic artist. He is an artist in all form. Mr. Raducanu provides our clients with conceptual ideas for images / websites that blow our minds. He is incredibly clever providing slogans and brilliant logos. We are very luck to have him on our team.

Mr. J. Kahtava, Senior Web Programmer

Mr. Kahtava's web development skills are excellent. When you look at his code, you know it's done right. His web development code is built in line with modern standards. When our clients provide us with a layout / idea (perhaps in concert with our graphic artist), Mr. Kahtava is the one who brings it to life.