A major rebrand for a consulting giant 

A major rebrand for 
a consulting giant

In a crowded consulting space dominated by the Big 4, Guidehouse—one of the world’s largest consulting firms—needed branding and messaging that stood out from competitors and demonstrated its ability to help clients take on the toughest challenges at scale. 

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A new look,
launch and collateral

Its new tagline, Outwit Complexity, was based on Guidehouse’s unique expertise at problem-solving. The tagline served as inspiration for a brand-new visual treatment that used stylized topographical maps as a metaphor for the way Guidehouse enables its clients to navigate safely through any challenge. The generous use of white space, dramatic imagery, clean typography and distinctive color palette all combined to give Guidehouse a unique look and feel that set it apart from competitors.

An evolved
web identity

The homepage is the primary venue for telling the Guidehouse story, so we carried the new look and feel to its website by leveraging the new design elements and reinforcing the core message.

A cross-channel rollout

In grand style, we launched static and video-based takeover ads on publications like The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, as well as more targeted campaigns to some of Guidehouse’s key verticals and audiences. Presentations, white papers and other collateral were rebranded to tell a consistent and compelling Guidehouse story.

Upending the status quo with an unexpected ABM approach​

Upending the status quo with an unexpected ABM approach

Industrial powerhouse Chevron Lubricants needed to demonstrate how a compromise on heavy-duty engine oil now could mean bigger costs down the line. Together, we developed an ABM campaign targeting ~220 high-potential accounts that blended best practices with an unconventional approach designed to stand out and shift thinking.

Addressing a serious business challenge…with humor

To effectively reach time-starved decision makers at our target accounts, we needed to cut through the noise—and appeal to both the emotional and rational sides of the brain. Our creative concept was a bold departure from the usual territory for this industry, leveraging a series of humorous, out-of-context scenarios that commanded attention and got the audience thinking about something that isn’t normally on their daily agenda: their choice of engine oil. 

Imagined by humans, generated by AI

To bring the idea to life, we tapped into generative AI, offering greater latitude to think and create outside of the box. Each creative execution drove home the key strategic insight: There are times you shouldn’t compromise; the heavy-duty engine oil you depend on to protect your fleet is one of them.

A curated journey of discovery, deployed at scale with new martech​

To entice our audience to discover and engage with educational content, we helped activate targeted display ads and personalized landing pages by augmenting Chevron’s martech stack with short-term trials of Demandbase and HubSpot. Later touches featured video clips that further inspired prospects to engage, explore and learn. The pinnacle of our educational content was a video podcast featuring industry influencer Bryan Furnace and two Chevron SMEs, housed on a dedicated information hub complete with a HubSpot-powered chatbot.

Old-school tactic gets a digital facelift

A subset of core decision makers received a video direct mailer (DM) featuring a customized preview invitation from the influencer host. With real-time DM interactions tracked using 5G, prospect activity and intent signals were shared with Sales teams, enabling timely follow-up with tools that included personalized emails, phone calls and LinkedIn InMail.

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Big strategic and creative swing, home run payoff

The campaign reached 96.8% of targeted accounts, with 80% showing engagement. It also proved the role strategic direct mail can play in demand marketing, with 59% of contacts viewing the video mailer. Importantly, Chevron discovered the value of ABM—how channel, content, creative and tech can work seamlessly together—and now have a solid foundation for future campaigns.

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