Marketing Science

Solve existing and emerging marketing and sales challenges and uncover the biggest opportunities to build momentum. Our Marketing Science experts bring rigor, deep marketing intelligence expertise and data-centric problem-solving to optimize performance and chart new paths to growth.



We employ only hypothesis-driven, falsifiable and reproducible methods.​



Our deliverables are designed to work within existing workflows.



We work seamlessly in your systems to get started quickly and maneuver easily.



Our analysts and data scientists are steeped in complex verticals and industry best practices.

Marketing Effectiveness

Audience Insights

Embedded Analytics

Targeting and Propensity Modeling

Marketing Effectiveness

Measure and optimize marketing investment

Proving impact is non-negotiable for modern growth leaders, but marketing effectiveness must push beyond table stakes attribution and vanity metrics to optimize the entire GTM portfolio for high performance.

At Marketbridge, we use rigorous scientific methods to measure which channels are driving what value to inform how much more (or less)
to invest in each to reach the efficient frontier.

  • Quantify return on marketing investment (ROMI) for distinct channels, audiences and objectives
  • Optimize long-run growth for a given cost envelope
  • Attribute value to channels for specific leads 
  • Measurement Data Asset Build
  • Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)
  • Forecasting
  • Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)
  • Test Design & Execution

Audience Insights

Understand and action audiences

Tailored messaging and optimal channel mixes support superior CX and greater conversions. Trouble is, too many customer research strategies rely on outdated data sets and complex segmentation surveys that don’t hold up when deployed in real-life systems.

Audience Insights at Marketbridge is rooted in scientific, high-quality research that lands in databases. Simple and assignable, we deliver insights that enable clients to pinpoint the right audiences and move them to action.

  • Understand audience motivations and behaviors
  • Identify the most relevant segments to target
  • Ensure scalability and repeatability in-market
  • Market Insights
  • Audience Segmentation & Assignment
  • Pricing
  • Qualitative Research

Embedded Analytics 

Build and manage analytics teams and infrastructure

Data-driven marketing has become the gold standard. But the “what” means nothing if you don’t understand the “why” behind it.

We supercharge analytics functions, infusing quantitative and scientific rigor across Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience. We can set up and train teams, build infrastructure or fully manage analytics processes as an extension of your team.

  • Empower and upskill analytics teams
  • Build the code-based infrastructure to solve the toughest challenges
  • Deliver the analytic results executives want
  • Organization, Recruiting & Training
  • Infrastructure Building
  • Analytics Outsourcing

Targeting and Propensity Modeling 

Combine fresh signal with AI to drive growth and retention

Working dollars are precious, and running the same plays to the same customers won’t generate the returns needed to sustain momentum
and reinvent growth.

Our Targeting & Propensity Modeling combines fresh, relevant sources of signal with state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to identify the prospects that are most likely to engage and convert. 

  • Deliver lift for Marketing and Sales channels
  • Lower cost-per-acquisition
  • Free up funds for additional initiatives
  • Propensity Modeling
  • Next-Best Action Modeling
  • LLM Training & Inference

Platforms and technologies

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