Technology Solutions

Ensure business strategy leads technology strategy—and not the other way around. Marketbridge technologists help growth leaders build, integrate, orchestrate and optimize a martech stack that is bespoke to their organizational needs and purpose-built to support their growth objectives.


Holistic and integrated

Our depth and breadth of expertise across Strategy, Analytics and MarComm provides a clear understanding of what technology is needed and how to manage it to drive measurable impact end to end.


Marketing and business savvy

We bring deep marketing and business acumen to data architecture, app development and platform implementation. Our team understands the mechanics and creates solutions that go beyond cookie-cutter consultation to deliver on real user and organizational process needs.


Deep and proven experience

For decades we’ve been proud partners to leading tech platforms and providers (though hold no single affiliation) and have hands-on experience building and implementing scalable solutions that have processed hundreds of millions of communications.


Rooted in security

Because our sweet spot is complex and highly regulated industries, Technology Solutions offerings are as secure as they are high performing. We align tightly with our clients’ IT partners to ensure the utmost level of security.

Marketing Data Lake Development

Modern Marketing Stack Architecture

Martech Application Implementation

Managed Technology Operations 

Measurement Activation

Marketing Data
Lake Development

Gain a single source of truth for all GTM activities

GTM leaders need robust data architecture to effectively track performance and measure growth. Yet most teams are hamstrung using fragmented data sources that can’t capture a 360-degree view of the customer, let alone move the needle.

Our Go-to-Market Data Lake (GTMDL) solution is a comprehensive marketing and sales database wholly owned by the enterprise. Based on decades of building large-scale solutions, the GTMDL gives leaders a single source of truth for all GTM activities—feeding CDPs and other existing martech platforms. 

  • Future-proof against technology changes
  • Keep business insights inside the enterprise
  • Build confidence with an embedded team of technology experts 
  • Data Roadmap Development
  • Operating Model
  • Data Platform Architecture & Design
  • Compliance & Security Onboarding
  • Data Lake Environment Build
  • ETL Data Pipeline Build
  • Data Migration

Modern Marketing
Stack Architecture

Build and optimize a stack that powers growth

“Is technology X or Y better?” “What are the new tools we should be exploring?” “What is the right ABM tech stack?” These are the wrong questions to be asking. 

Marketbridge helps growth leaders operationalize and optimize a martech stack that’s right for their business and their goals—not what others are doing or what’s new and trendy. We seek to understand business objectives and then (and only then) help develop use cases for tools, build business cases for new tools or optimizing existing tech, perform software platform evaluations and run pilot programs.

  • Assess ROI and ability to effectively support business needs
  • Identify expansion or consolidation opportunities
  • Streamline operations by improving systems integration and boosting efficiency
  • Martech Strategy
  • Martech Stack Audits
    & Readiness Assessments
  • Martech System Architecture
  • Martech Vendor Assessments
    & Selection

Martech Application Implementation

Seamlessly implement and integrate new platforms

Purchasing, upgrading or integrating a new platform requires specialized knowledge, bandwidth and rigor—resources that many time-and-budget-strapped teams tend to be short on.

Through our Martech Application Implementation offering, leaders offload the demands and pressure of martech implementation. Our teams promote a smooth and transparent process, ensuring platforms connect where they need to and do what they’re designed to—both functionally and in terms of delivering business impact.

  • Make martech leaps without upending business
  • Move faster and redirect internal resources
  • Gain continuity from inception through implementation
  • Martech Roadmapping
    & Activation Planning
  • Martech Implementation Design
  • Martech System Implementation
    & Integration
  • Custom Martech Extensions
    & Applications

Managed Technology Operations

Gain expert hands-on support to advance objectives

All Marketing teams need to run campaigns. But many lack the internal technical expertise or operational bandwidth to successfully execute on them.

Our marketing technologists manage martech platforms to set up and execute channel-specific campaigns, perform evergreen data management and list preparation, and manage the matrixed variable content used within campaigns. We have certifications, partnerships and deep technical expertise in Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, Eloqua, Demandbase, 6sense, Drift, Google and more.

  • Get to market and start seeing results faster
  • Capitalize on specialist skill sets
  • Free up teams for other strategic initiatives
  • List & Database Management
  • Multi-Channel Nurture
    Program Activation
  • Process & Workflow Automation
  • Martech Troubleshooting
  • Martech Trials & Rentals


Track, measure and optimize campaign performance

Marketers need to report on program performance—and then take steps to optimize it. But in a multi-touch, multi-channel, multi-audience world, data is often siloed, incomplete, unstructured or inaccurate, making it harder than ever to gain access to the right intelligence to perform effective analysis.

Our Measurement Activation experts help leaders and their teams remove complexity and connect the data dots. We empower teams to self-serve and conduct analysis that informs sound decision-making about program investment and optimization.

  • Gain a dimensionalized view of performance
  • Effectively track what’s working (or not)
  • Report confidently on the metrics that matter
  • Measurement Data Design & Architecture
  • Tracking Implementation
  • Data Pipeline & Workflow Automation
  • Dashboard Visualization & Implementation

Platforms and technologies

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